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Sapphire High Jewellery

Majestic Heritage

Long celebrated as regal stones, sapphires have been worn by kings and queens in western cultures for centuries. Traditionally, their vivid depths bore connotations of nobility, truth and romance, and they were often exchanged as symbols of union and faithfulness. Graff is the world’s premier destination for exceptional sapphire high jewellery, which we invite you to discover in our stores worldwide.

A pair of Graff High Jewellery Sapphire and diamond earrings

Shades of Heaven

In medieval times, sapphires were believed to soothe their wearer, and the deepest of blue sapphires were thought to represent the colour of heaven. Clergymen often wore the stones, hoping to bring celestial blessings to their congregation.

“Our experienced gemologists are constantly challenged to source and match the finest sapphires in the world.”

Laurence Graff

A Family Affair

Each sapphire high jewellery design is painted in gouache before being presented to Laurence Graff, who is integral to the creative decision-making process. All of our sapphire jewels are bestowed with a refined elegance, sleek lines and an all-important focus on the gemstone itself.

A unique Graff sapphire and diamond necklace being created in the workshop

A Dream Realised

For each piece of jewellery, our designers create a prototype model, in order to give a realistic understanding of how each sapphire will sit and move within the piece. This requires hundreds of hours of intense concentration and highly-skilled craftsmanship.

close up of a model wearing Graff sapphire and diamond earrings, necklace, bracelet and ring

Harmonious Movement

Fluidity is one of the hallmarks of Graff jewellery: it can make a piece seem almost alive as it shimmers in harmony with the wearer’s movements. Laurence Graff likens the technique of creating such works to “sewing”, with the end result of joining the stones together to create a finished jewel akin to the softest of fabrics.

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